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Welcome to the Spin Wheels site.

Spin Wheels is a site that is dedicated to promoting cycling events in the South East of England. The aim is to cater for all cyclists, whatever level, that wish to participate in Charity Rides, and cycling challenges. It is hoped to provide a comprehensive list of events that will appeal to the all round cyclist who wants to put the fun back in cycling.

VTTA (Kent Group) Open 15 Mile Time Trial – Sunday 9 October 2016

There has been a course change for this event moving it onto the new Q15/1 course (details below). Organizer, start time etc. remain as CTT Handbook.

 Course Details Q15/1 – Ham Street – Bridgefield – Brenzett – Ham Street
Start at manhole cover approx 75 yards west of Junction between link road from Ashford Road (north of Hamstreet Village) and the A2070.  Proceed eastwards and turn left (M) onto A2070 and proceed North to turn at  Bridgefield RAB.    (3.12 mls)      Proceed on A2070 to Brenzett RAB  (11.30 mls) where turn and retrace on A2070 to finish by the footpath sign on the north side of bridge over the Royal Military Canal.

Cycle Touring is alive and well - thank goodness for Reynolds 531.

Cycle Touring is alive and well – thank goodness for Reynolds 531.

.Picture courtesy of Bob Burden

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